About Us


Dance Inc

is a school for students of all ages and abilities.  Our non-competitive atmosphere promotes the development of each individual at his or her own pace.  Each faculty member has either a bachelors or masters degree in dance, performing arts, choreography or sports management, or has been professionally trained in dance.  Their experience includes teaching children and adults, touring with professional dance companies, developing andimplementing highly acclaimed programs designed for children, and working within their communities to promote the health and wellness benefits of physical activity.  Every program's goal is to enhance self-confidence, social skills, posture, balance, coordination, agility, and body awareness.  This assures that each class will be structured to achieve the highest skill level possible in a safe, secure and fun environment.  

The facility is equipped with a professional dance floor, and is designed to provide a warm atmosphere that focuses on individual attention.  The classes culminate in an end of year performance that incorporates expertise in lighting, stage management and choreography to showcase the skills of all of the students together as one unit.